Investment Advisory Services

Sophisticated and unbiased investment advice is a cornerstone of Tilton Asset Management´┐Żs investment advisory services. In order to build and protect their wealth, clients value investment advice with three fundamental characteristics:


  • Tilton Asset Management is driven by client needs, not product sales or proprietary services, so the firm gains access to the very best asset managers and investment products, both conventional and unconventional.
  • The firm’s dedicated investment specialists have extensive experience dealing with illiquid and alternative assets, including private equity, real estate, separate account management, ETFs, mutual funds and hedge funds.
  • Our strategy is not bound by obligation or tradition, so portfolios are structured to minimize risks while protecting capital.


  • We accept no payments from money managers - the firm’s sole source of revenue is client fees.
  • We serve as an investment consultant and a “manager of managers.”
  • We do not exclusively pick individual stocks although it manages individual stocks (or other concentrated holdings) that clients have accumulated through various means like employer equity.
  • We support an open-architecture environment, offering the largest selection of investment vehicles as well as the flexibility to change without incurring further fees.


  • Clients vary greatly in their tax situation, estate plans, risk tolerance and investment experience and expectations. Many have complex entity structures that require distinct investment policies. Tilton Asset Management delivers a personalized investment plan that minimizes overall costs and investment risk while optimizing investments performance relative to that risk. Our strategy is an ideal setting to integrate investment advice with tax planning, charitable planning, and other financial planning services, so clients can achieve their goals.