Wealth Management

Do you have a 21st century portfolio?

Should you be doing more?

  • Separate Account Management
  • Hedge Funds, Private Equity, ETFs
  • Commodities, REITs, Currencies
  • Active and Passive (Index) Mutual Funds
  • Long & Short Strategies.

Our comprehensive investment approach incorporates these alternatives and more which can lead to higher after-tax returns while further diversifying and lowering overall portfolio risk.

Let us build the type of sophisticated portfolio that was once only available to the super wealthy. We will use all strategies available to create a portfolio suited for the 21st century and tailored to your unique financial situation.

Six Main Areas of Wealth Management:

Wealth Management - Six Main Disciplines

1 Personal Plans:
We listen to you as well as examine your current financial position. Then propose a personal financial plan including goals and objectives which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-dimensional.  

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2 Investments:
After current investments have been reviewed, we will construct a portfolio designed to fulfill your personalized plan. We will use the widest selection of current investments offerings, including but not limited too; Separate Accounts, ETFs, Passive and Active Mutual Funds, other Alternative Investments along with the traditional stock, and bond offerings to advance your portfolio beyond the typical cookie-cutter, proprietary, one-size-fits-all asset mix.

Portfolio building is an ongoing process, not a one-time transaction.  We will continue to improve your asset mix, monitoring events such as changes to management of a mutual fund, and if necessary, rebalance based on a targeted portfolio.  Tactical and strategic adjustments will be made based on an ongoing basis.

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3 Tax Planning:
Minimizing annual income taxes and planning for potential estate taxes are critical to retaining and transferring your wealth. Constant vigilance is required to stay abreast of the ever-changing tax code.  All financial planning is carried out with an eye toward minimizing annual income tax and longer-term estate & gift taxes. Annual year-end tax planning is critical.  Please see Tax Planning menu.

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4 Goal Funding:
A well constructed financial plan takes into consideration your various cash needs for funding future goals.  This allows for the appropriate portfolio time horizons for your asset mix in order to have the cash available when ultimately needed without causing stress on your longer-term portfolio. Whether it is preparing to send your son or daughter to college, transferring family wealth, charitable giving, or various retirement needs, we can devise a financial plan to reach your short & longer term cash objectives.

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5  Insurance:
It is vital that your insurance coverage adequately protects your hard-earned assets in an effective and efficient manner. Does your current coverage have gaps or duplications? Have you evaluated old insurance coverage given your current financial situation? Many advisers offer costly insurance as a one-time remedy with the promise that the coverage will be the answer to all your needs – typically, it is very expensive, providing mediocre coverage that is not aligned with your goals and objectives.  

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6  Retirement:
Nothing is more universal than the eager anticipation of a fun-filled, adventurous retirement. Whether you prefer to go golfing, travel, or start another career, your personalized financial plan will be the road map to achieve your desires so that you can enjoy the retirement of your dreams.

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Each discipline directly impacts the others, so it is critical to address all six as part of a multi-disciplinary strategy which will effectively and efficiently grow, protect & allow you to enjoy your wealth as you wish.

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